The Worst Hotels in the World

The Worst Hotels in the World

We’ve all heard of the “best” hotels in the world, but few of us ever hear about the places best to avoid! Here are some of the worst hotels in the world–places you should stay far away from:

Boulevard Hotel Ocean Drive — Located in Miami Beach, this South Beach hotel is renowned for its filthy rooms, glass in the bed, and horrible neon signs. Definitely not the place to be when you want to visit Florida right!

Town House Motel — Just a few minutes away from Tupelo, Missouri’s Tombigbee State Park, this motel has received horrible reviews on Trip Advisor. One person even commented that there was a puddle of blood right in front of their door. Ew!

Club Aqua Gumbet — Located in Gumbet, Turkey, this hotel is not known for its quality of service. One reviewer commented that the “caretaker perved out on his adolescent daughter” and the “head chef exposed himself”. Definitely not a family-friendly vacation spot!

Whiteleaf Hotel —This central London hotel, located in a great place but with awful standards of cleanliness. One reviewer broke out in hives and even found a maggot squirming on his skin after sleeping in their beds.

The Golden Beach Hotel -­- Yet another British hotel makes it onto the list, this one in Blackpool. The hotel may be in a good location near the South Shore, and it may even offer a wide range of amenities. But when you walk into the hotel and feel the “rapey” vibe, you’ll walk right back out!

Balmoral House — Australia joins the list with this Brisbane establishment, which one reviewer commented “had a sink filled with vomit”. Worst of all, “it remained that way for two days”. Plumbing much?

Hotel Namaskar — This New Delhi, India hotel can only be accessed by walking through an alleyway bordered by open men’s urinals. Talk about ‘atmosphere’!


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