Why Now is the Best Time of Year for Uber Rides

Why Now is the Best Time of Year for Uber Rides

Uber is fast becoming the smart, cost-efficient alternative to taxis and public transportation, and winter is a better time than ever for Uber rides. Why is that?

Simple: fewer travelers = lower prices.

Winter is a time when people stay at home, particularly during evenings and on the weekends. Fewer trips out and about mean fewer people looking for rides, and more people driving to and from their destinations.

Uber has responded by cutting prices drastically in over 100 cities around Canada and the United States. Uber rides are cheaper than ever, thanks to the drop in demand for their services. If you’re looking to get around at a lower cost, now is the best time to call an Uber.

However, Uber isn’t the only option out there. Surprisingly, Lyft has beat out Uber in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, at least in terms of prices. Lyft is fast catching up to Uber in terms of popularity, and more and more users are downloading and using the app.

Could this have anything to do with Uber’s price-slashing? Here’s hoping! If Uber is seeing the competition and responding by lowering their prices, it’s a good thing for anyone who is trying to get around. The lower the rates, the less you pay to take an Uber (or Lyft) to and from your destination.

If you’re traveling around the United States or Canada this winter season, download the Uber app to your smartphone and consider using it! You can save a pretty penny on your travels and get around more easily, all thanks to the “taxi on demand” service. Just remember to download Lyft as well, and see which app provides you faster travel at a cheaper price!

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