Why 2017 Is the Year of Canadian Parks

Why 2017 Is the Year of Canadian Parks

The world is full of national parks, wildlife preserves, safari parks, and other outdoor destinations. In 2017, smart travelers will make it a point to visit Canadian parks for one simple reason: they’re free!

Canada is famous for its wildlife and endless stretches of preserved, untouched terrain. The country is home to some of the most gorgeous views, pastoral scenes, and pristine wilderness in the world, and its national parks are no exception. For a truly magical outdoor experience, Canadian parks are the perfect destination: they’re just a short distance from home, the people speak the same language (mostly), and the trip is cheap.

Best of all, in 2017, more than 40 national parks around Canada will be free. Parks Canada will stop charging entry fees for these parks, as a celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. Parks all across the massive country will be free to enter for those who want to visit. This includes people from outside Canada and the United States. For just one year, 40 of the world’s greatest national parks and wildlife preserve will not charge a cent for entrance.

It may sound silly, but it is no small thing. Entrance fees to the parks earned roughly $59 million in 2014 alone, providing serious revenue for the Park service. Family passes to parks can cost well over $100, no small thing for those who enjoy traveling around the great outdoors.

There is even a bonus offered to those who are becoming Canadian citizens in 2016: they all receive an extra year of free admission to the parks.

As you can see, 2017 will definitely be the best year to travel to Canada and take in the beauty of nature and wildlife in the many Canadian parks!

Image Source: nationalparktraveller.com


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