Where to Spend This Winter

Where to Spend This Winter

Looking for a beautiful place to spend this winter? Here are a few destinations to enjoy the last month of the winter season:

  • San Francisco, California — San Francisco isn’t as cold as the Northern United States, but there’s still cold enough to make you want to snuggle up before a fireplace after dark. During the day, you can take a tour of wine country to the north, or enjoy exploring the wild forests to the south.
  • Toronto, Ontario — This Canadian city is a beautiful place to enjoy some of the best food Canada has to offer, and you’ll love exploring the myriad restaurants around the metropolitan area. If you want something a bit out of the city, try the vineyards along the beautiful coast of Lake Ontario.
  • London, England — For those who want to spend time at the beach, Brighton (also known as London-on-Sea) is a great place to go!  The historic buildings of Amersham will provide you with a beautiful place to walk and explore, or you can hit up the spas at the aptly named city of Bath.
  • Paris, France — The city of Paris is a wonderful place to explore, but if you want to get out of town, try Chantilly. Not only can you take a drive through the beautiful, haunting Chantilly Forest, but you’ll love the Royaumont Abbey–a building dating back to the 11th century.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Don’t come here for the Red Light District or the hallucinogenics; instead, come for the museums, the 17th Century port of Delfshaven, and the quaint, quiet town of Maastricht, which looks like something out of a fantasy film!

If you’re looking for places to go this winter, these are some of the best destinations for you…

Image Source: thenewswheel.com


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