Underrated Destinations for a Perfect Vacation Part 1

Underrated Destinations for a Perfect Vacation Part 1

EVERYONE goes to Paris, Bali, and Cancun on their holidays, but why not look for something out of the ordinary? Here are a few underrated destinations to consider of your next vacation:

  • Dakar, Senegal — Most people think of African countries like Senegal as being torn by war and chaos, but that isn’t the case. Senegal’s capital Dakar is hot and humid and filled with mosquitoes, but it will be a rich cultural experience you will never forget (in a good way). You will come to see Africa as it really is–an amazing place filled with wonderful people.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay –– Most South American travelers head to Peru, Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina, but little Uruguay is home to many awesome experiences. The capital city of Montevideo is filled with gorgeous architecture, a rich blend of South American adventures, and delicious food. Best of all, it’s smaller than Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, so you get the metropolitan lifestyle with a much more laid back vibe.
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa –– Leave Cape Town and Jo-Burg behind and take a tour of the Stellenbosch wine country. It’s the South African version of Napa Valley or Burgundy, and it’s an amazing place to relax, enjoy the verdant countryside, and drink world-class wines at a great price.
  • Hanoi, Vietnam –– Vietnamese food, religion, and culture will come to life after a trip to Hanoi. The sights, sounds, and smells of the city will have you looking in every direction, with the Old Town being one of the most exciting places to explore. While in Hanoi, you can’t miss out on the gorgeous Ha Long Bay!

In Part 2, we’ve got a few more amazing underrated destinations for your next holiday…


Image Source: www.scce.com.au


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