The Best Places in NYC to Treat Yourself Part 3

The Best Places in NYC to Treat Yourself Part 3

New York City is home to all sorts of amazing things to see and do, but you can’t be all “go, go, go”! Here are some of the best places in NYC to treat yourself when you’re done with the tourist thing:

  • Blossom in Astoria — Located in Queens, this is considered one of the best neighborhood nail salons in the area. It’s home to affordable services, but with all the quality you’d get from a full luxury salon. You can opt for a simple mani-pedi, or go full-on with crystal exfoliation, marine masks, waxes, massages, and even a sea rock bath! You’ll find that the spa is cute and charming, and it’s a great place to spend a day relaxing after a weekend of sightseeing.
  • Uni K Wax –– Few people come to NYC for a bikini wax, but you’ve got to do what needs to be done, right? If you’re hitting up the beaches or pools on the weekend, pop in to Uni K Wax, located in Manhattan. These waxing centers (there are three of them) uses a specially formulated wax that is all natural, delicate on sensitive skin, and made to eliminate hair quickly and with as little pain as possible. The prices are great and the service is above-par.
  • Butterfly Studio –– For stellar hair care services that no Supercuts could ever provide, you’ll definitely want to visit the Butterfly Studio in Manhattan. The prices are very New York, so prepare to pay top dollar for top-notch hair color, shampoo, cuts, and coiffures. You’ll walk out of there looking and feeling like a million bucks, and you’ll enjoy the time spent in the low-key, unpretentious hair salon.

To relax and treat yourself in NYC, these are the places for you!

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