The Best Places in Chicago to Pamper Yourself Part 2

The Best Places in Chicago to Pamper Yourself Part 2

Looking to enjoy the best of the Windy City? Here are the best places in Chicago to pamper yourself on vacation:

  • Red Square — This may sound ominously Cold War Moscow-esque, but the Red Square is a place to relax in the proper Turkish and Russian fashion! This bathhouse was opened on the site of the old Division Street Russian and Turkish Baths, and everything has been upgraded with the latest in modern conveniences. You’ll love the old-timey feel, the laid back vibe, and the luxury amenities all rolled into the same amazing venue.
  • Revive Hydration Spa — Hung over from too many nights of partying Chicago style? Head over to the Revive Hydration Spa, where you can recover in the warmth and luxury of the spa. The spa also caters to those trying to get over a heavy cold, a flu attack, or just the stress of working too hard. It’s home to some of the best reviving beauty and health treatments in the city, including injections of Vitamin B12 (to boost your metabolism) and oxygen treatments (to help your body absorb more life-giving oxygen). It’s great for so much more than dealing with a hangover, and you’ll walk out of there feeling 100% better!
  • The Belmont Barbershop –– If your hair in need of special TLC, this is the place for you! This is not where you want to go for all the fancy frills and nonsense, but here is where you will get a straight-up, no nonsense haircut. You’ll love the classic barber cut, complete with a hot lather and a shave with a straight razor. It’s cheap, available all day long (even without a reservation), and a great place to go for that laid back vibe of an old-timer barbershop.


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