The Best Caribbean Holidays for All Part 5

The Best Caribbean Holidays for All Part 5

If you’re looking for a touch of romance, it doesn’t get better than the Caribbean! Here are some of the best Caribbean holidays for the lovers:

St. Lucia — The island of St. Lucia may not be large, but boy is it romantic! Here, you can find beautiful little cottages built into the mountainside, with gorgeous views of the ocean below. Or, enjoy the modern conveniences of Jade Mountain, complete with isolated open-plan bedrooms where you and your sweetheart can lounge in comfort.

British Virgin Islands — Guana Island is one of the Virgin Islands, and it’s one of the best Caribbean destinations for those who want privacy and seclusion. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, your re-dedication, or just need a break from the modern world, Guana Island is home to an amazing low-density resort where you can luxuriate in the peace and quiet of one of the most beautiful paradises in the Caribbean.

Grenada — Grenada is a popular destination for honeymooners, thanks largely to the seclusion and freedom offered by this gorgeous, mostly-forested island. You’ll find a wide range of beach resorts, day spas, and international restaurants, but the laid-back vibe of the island makes it the perfect place for a romantic tete-a-tete!

Jamaica — You may not immediately think “romance” when picturing Jamaica, but that’s because you’ve never been there. The rich culture, spicy food, and pumping music will put that fire in your blood, and you’ll reconnect with your partner as you connect with the locals. The island is covered with private retreats, luxury hotels, and tiny cottages where you can enjoy time just the two of you. Or, you can get out and explore all this amazing island has to offer.

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