The Best Caribbean Holidays for All Part 3

The Best Caribbean Holidays for All Part 3

The Caribbean is a great place to enjoy some outdoor adventure and excitement! Here are some of the best Caribbean holidays for those looking for action:

Dominican Republic — The D.R. is home to some of the most epic water sports in the Caribbean, and you’ll love all the options around: kite-surfing, windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, jet-skiing, and the list goes on!

British Virgin Islands — For those looking for a sailing experience, the Virgin Islands are the Caribbean destination of choice. Here, you can take a relaxing cruise in a pleasure yacht, and even try your hand at being the captain. Boating can be pricey, but it’s worth it!

Bonaire — Bonaire, the “B” in the ABC Islands, is one of the best places to enjoy your very first Caribbean scuba diving expedition. Here, you’ll find endless species of marine life, coral, and plants, and that’s just what’s going on offshore! Once you reach dry land, you’ll love to explore the historic towns around the island.

Cayman Islands — People don’t just come here for the private security and banking, but most come to the Cayman Islands to enjoy the diving–some of the best in the Caribbean. The vertical walls around the Cayman Islands plummet to startling depths (as deep as 2,000 feet), giving you a chance to test your mettle and explore life underwater. You can see all sorts of amazing sea creatures under the ocean’s surface.

Cuba — Now that Cuba is open to most of the world, it’s a place you MUST visit! Here, you can do more than just explore the historic parts of the country, but you can take a cycling tour all around the island and see life as it really is.

In Part 4, we look at a few important cultural Caribbean holidays…

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