Simple Tricks for Smarter Travels

Simple Tricks for Smarter Travels

Want to enjoy your vacations more? Here are a few simple tricks for smarter travels:

Befriend the bellhop — When visiting a city, you want to see the local sights, not the tourist hotspots. The best person to ask about the city is the bellman. They’ll have solid advice on where to go and where to avoid, and they’ll be accustomed to avoiding the tourist traps.

Always ask for a discount — Almost all hotels have a wide variety of discount rates, including AARP specials, AAA rate, military discounts, student discounts, and the list goes on. ALWAYS ask if the hotel has a discounted rate. They’ll often give you a slightly lower rate just to keep you from going to their competition a few blocks down. Of course, this mostly applies during the low season. During peak season, you’ll have to take what you get.

Always give compliments — If you want top-notch service, you need to do more than just be friendly and tip well. Find a way to compliment the front-of-hotel staff (the waiters, the receptionists, the concierge, the bellhops, etc.). These are the ones who usually get dumped on when something goes wrong, so they’re the ones who will appreciate it more. To really leave your mark, take time to write a commendation for a top-notch employee, and ask them to turn it in to their supervisor.

Book after nightfall — Hotel supervisors usually leave around 5 or 6 PM, so the best time to book a hotel is a few hours later. Call the hotel directly and ask for a discount. There will be no supervisor around, but the person on the phone will want your business bad enough that they’ll lower the rates. This is especially true during low season.


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