Most Romantic Hotels in the World Part 2

Most Romantic Hotels in the World Part 2

Looking for a place where you can get away from it all with your sweetheart? Here are some of the most romantic hotels in the world–the perfect getaway!

  • La Fortuna at Atitlan — For a tropical paradise, this Guatemalan hotel–located in Santa Cruz La Laguna–is ideal for couples looking for some fun in the sun. It’s situated on the banks of Lake Atitlan, and you’ll find the vivid colors of the land around will make for one epic paradise retreat.
  • The Dairy Private Luxury Hotel — This Queenstown hotel definitely lives up to its name. The New Zealand hotel may look quaint and old-fashioned, but it will feel like a comfy ski lodge and log cabin the minute you step inside. It’s famous for the afternoon tea, where guests sit around the log fire and enjoy some time to relax. Definitely one of New Zealand’s best hotels to visit!
  • Anastasis Apartments — Anyone who wants to visit Greece should consider this hotel. Located in Imerovigili, this hotel sits on a Cliffside overlooking the sea. Every room comes with a spectacular view, and you’ll love the myriad vantage points and lookout spots where you can steal a few moments of romance. Plus, the Mediterranean Sea is absolutely gorgeous.
  • La Minerva — The Italian island of Capri is home to La Minerva, a hotel that sits atop the mountain and provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Visitors always recommend the hotel due to its intimate feeling, plus the elegance is everything you’d expect from a luxurious European hotel. There’s no formality to this hotel, however, but you get simple comfort mixed with modern convenience!

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