How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 4

How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 4

If you’re planning a family vacation, don’t automatically head to the beach or ski slopes. Instead, why not turn travel into an educational experience for your kids?

  • Expose them to religions and beliefs — If your children grow up in a traditional household, they may be accustomed to a certain belief system or religion. But that’s not the only religion in the world, and certainly not the only one they should know about. While on your travels, why not expose the kids to other religions? You can take them to a Japanese Shinto shrine, a Buddhist temple in Vietnam, the Vatican in Rome, and Mecca. There’s so much to learn about the various religions in the world, and it can help your children to be more understanding of other people and countries.
  • Go eco-friendly — What could be better than a vacation in which your children learn to care for the environment? There are many eco-tours around the world, and these tours will give your children a glimpse at the beauty of the world around them. Once they see all the beautiful flora, fauna, and landscapes, they will have a better understanding of why they need to “go green” at home. It’s a great way to educate your children in the need for environmental conservation.
  • Go on a walking or cycling tour — If your children are used to being driven around in a vehicle, perhaps it’s time to get them working with their own two feet (or legs)! Take a walking tour of the country you are visiting, or cycle through the countryside. Not only will it be an excellent way for them to get a bit more exercise, but it will help them adjust to life outside the car!

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