How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 3

How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 3

If you’re taking a vacation, why not turn travel into an educational experience? Don’t just go to spend money and see the sights, but teach your kids something new.

  • Teach them about marine life -­- What could be better than a marine biology lesson in person? Charter a scuba diving tour, and take your kids on a journey to explore life under the ocean. You can turn it into a game as well, with each person trying to see as wide a variety of marine animals as possible. When they have to research and find the name of the creatures they saw, it will help them learn and remember all the things they have seen.
  • Teach them about desert or jungle life –– Instead of taking your vacation at a resort, why not charter a safari or jungle tour? Your children will be able to see lions, water buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys, colorful birds, crazy insects, and so many other types of animals in their natural habitat. It can be a wonderful experience for them, not to mention an educational one. They will return home with amazing tales to tell their friends, and a renewed interest in the animal kingdom.
  • Taste something new –– Have your children ever tried the strange and unusual foods in the country you are visiting? Probably not, so now is the perfect time! Give them a chance to experience new flavors, try new food combinations, and even eat things they would NEVER have thought of: grasshoppers, haggis, cow tongue, or fermented beans. The more flavors you expose your children to, the better!

In Part 4, we’ll look at a few more ways to turn travel into an educational experience for your children…

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