How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 2

How to Turn Travel into An Educational Experience Part 2

Don’t just travel to take a holiday and relax, but turn travel into an educational experience for your kids! You’ll find that there are so many ways to make your vacation a learning experience:

  • Face a fear — We all have fears that we need to deal with, even you. If you find an opportunity to engage in an activity that challenges those fears, do them! Show your kids that you can deal with the things that scare you, so they can too. If this means scuba diving, whitewater rafting, surfing, or ziplining hundreds of feet above the ground, it’s worth doing! You have no idea how much fun these activities can be once you face your fears, and it will be the sample to teach your kids to face their fears as well.
  • Learn about survival –– Instead of traveling to the big cities of the world, why not plan a holiday to a forest, mountain, or desert? You can teach your kids the important elements of survival (building shelters, starting fires, foraging for food, and so on), and you can bond with them over your mutual struggle to survive in the wild.
  • Dress like the locals –– Your children may stare wide-eyed at the people around them, simply because they have never worn anything like the clothes the locals are wearing. To give your kids a truly immersive experience, have them dress like the locals do. If that means wearing a sari, a hijab, lederhosen, a kilt, or a kimono, do it! It can be a lot of fun for them to learn why these people dress like they do, and it will give them a better understanding of the people and culture.

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