How to Travel with Prescription Drugs

How to Travel with Prescription Drugs

Thanks to the increase in substance abuse around the world, most countries are strict with prescription drugs. You may find yourself having a hard time if you need to take prescription medications while traveling…

Thankfully, the TSA has provided some simple advice on how to travel with prescription drugs with as little hassle as possible:

  • Put them in your carry-on — If you carry the medication in your checked luggage, it may appear as if you’re trying to smuggle them past security. It’s always best to pack the medication in your carry-on, where it’s easy to take out in case you’re stopped or questioned.
  • Medically-necessary liquids will be screened — With medically-necessary liquids, you aren’t limited to the 3.5-ounce bottle size, but you will be subject to screening. This is to ensure that the liquid isn’t somehow dangerous.
  • The medication will be X-rayed — There is a slight chance that the X-rays will damage or alter the medications, so it’s good to check with your doctor before traveling. If the X-rays will harm the drugs, make sure to take them out of your bag and request physical inspection BEFORE the drugs go through the X-ray machine.
  • You MUST have a doctor’s note or prescription –– If you are traveling with prescription drugs, you will have to prove that you have a prescription for the medication. If your prescription is taken by the pharmacy when it is filled, ask your doctor to write you a letter stating that you need the drugs for health reasons. The TSA (and most other security screening services in other countries) will require it. Without it, you may be subject to questioning.

If you’re going to travel with prescription drugs, follow the advice above to help you avoid the hassle!


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