How to Travel the Eurail Like a Rockstar Part 3

How to Travel the Eurail Like a Rockstar Part 3

It’s often wise to travel the Eurail when crossing Europe, as the trains are comfortable, punctual, and the efficient choice!

Here’s what you need to know about being a smart Eurail traveler:

  • Not all journeys can be booked online — If you plan to travel through Eastern Europe or take a train ride to Istanbul, you may not be able to book the entire journey online. It’s a good idea to pick up the phone to make the booking in person, thus ensuring that it’s done right!
  • Check out this free Eurail map –– Want to know exactly where the Eurail can get you? Here is a free Eurail map to check out…
  • Don’t worry about booking first class — If you are going to travel the Eurail long distance, you may be tempted to book a first class seat in order to be comfortable on the long-haul journey. Second class is still fairly comfortable, even if you are stuck in your seat for a day or so. Unless you are offered an AMAZING deal that is totally worth the upgrade, you’ll spend far less on second class and still be as comfortable as you could hope for on a long distance train ride.
  • Consider the sleeping options — Are you traveling on an overnight train? You may want to consider booking a sleeper train to help you catch a bit of shuteye as you travel. A couchette is very comfortable, and even a 2nd class couchette is more secure than a first class seat. You can usually book a 2-berth sleeper (2 beds) with a second-class ticket, and you won’t have to spend nearly as much as you would on a first class ticket!

Be wise with your Eurail travel, and it will treat you right…

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