How to Travel the Eurail Like a Rockstar Part 2

How to Travel the Eurail Like a Rockstar Part 2

Want to travel the Eurail the right way? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Consider traveling via sleeper car — Rather than spending a bunch of money on a hotel room and wasting your days traveling on the train, why not book a sleeper car and travel overnight? You’ll be comfortable, get all of your travel time out of the way, and have an entire day to explore your destination!
  • Don’t bother with check-in — Unlike with airplanes, there is no need to “Check-In” for your Eurail travel. Just make sure that you are on the train at the right time, and have your ticket handy for the conductor to stamp it. The tickets will usually be checked on board, rarely in the train station.
  • Be on time –– The train doors will almost always close the minute before the train leaves (11:59 for a 12:00 departure). Be punctual, or else you will definitely miss the train.
  • Have your passport handy —  If you are taking the Eurail between countries, passport control will almost always take place ON the train. Thanks to the fact that most European countries are now part of the Schengen Zone, it’s highly unlikely that your passport will be given more than a spot check. Still, it’s smart to have it handy just in case.
  • Changing trains is much easier than changing flights –– The layout of the Eurail stations is such that changing trains usually takes all of 90 seconds. Most of the connecting trains are across the platform. If not, the walk will take you a few minutes at best. You don’t need too much time to change trains unless you’re taking a long distance train!

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