Hangover Cures from Around the World Part 1

Hangover Cures from Around the World Part 1

A very important part of traveling is trying the alcoholic beverages popular at your destination. But what do you do if you’ve drunk too much? Here are a few hangover cures from around the world to try:

Romanian Ciorba de Burta — After a few too many glasses of Tuika or Palinka, you may be offered a bowl of Ciorba de Burta: a milky soup made with cow’s stomach (tripe), garlic, vinegar, hot peppers, and sour cream. Doesn’t sound too hard on your already-churning gut, right?

English breakfast — If you’re in the United Kingdom and have had a few too many pints to drink, order up a Full English Breakfast (or the Irish or Scottish alternatives)–consisting of eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, toast, and coffee. The high fat and protein content of the breakfast will deal with the alcohol poisoning and reduce your nausea.

Japanese Umeboshi — Too much sake and ume shu? The Japanese will offer up a plate of umeboshi, picked apricot-like plums that are wrinkled, sour, and beautifully delicious. Soak them in hot water or eat them with plain white rice, and your stomach will stop complaining in no time.

British Corpse Reviver Cocktail — After closing time at the pub, head over to any cocktail bar in London and ask for the Corpse Reviver Cocktail. This mixture of sweet vermouth, brandy, and Calvadas will be a wicked “hair of the dog” to get you back on your feet in no time.

Russian Banya — For those who just can’t handle their vodka, the Russians always recommend a banya: a soak in the public sauna/bathhouse. Here, you’ll sweat the alcohol out of your pores, if you can survive the high heat and humidity, of course!

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