Europe by train

Europe by train

If you’re tired of always doing the same thing in the summer and want to try something different, then I might just have something for you. What do you think about traveling through Europe by train? Ok, its not very new but definitely a forgotten pleasure and an option for many!

Global passes to travel the Europe by train are available at . With this pass, you can travel to up to 28 different countries within Europe. You can also choose for a  Select pass which allows you to travel to 4 different countries or, why not choose for one country pass which will allow you to travel right the way through one specific country. If you’re a European citizen you can visit for more information and if you live outside of Europe, then  you can use .

You can choose how many days you wish to travel through Europe by train. For example, you’ll find tickets for 5 day’s, 1 ,2 or 3 months. The starting price for one country is €60,- for the select pass its €130,- and for global pass it’s €300. The global pass is extra pricey because you can visit so many countries.

If you decide that a train adventure might be for you, then bear in mind, you’ll have to be at least 25 years or older to go alone or travel with friends. For families this is also a great option to see many different countries during one trip. An opportunity that too few people take.

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