Epic Secret Wedding Venues in the UK Part 2

Epic Secret Wedding Venues in the UK Part 2

Why get married in the same churches and wedding venues where everyone else ties the knot? Instead, consider these epic secret wedding venues right here in the UK:

  • The Angel Hetton Inn —  Located in Yorkshire, this is a beautifully rustic inn complete with a wine cellar that doubles as a wedding venue. It’s perfect for an intimate, family-only affair, and you’ll love how cozy the place feels. Just don’t make the guest list too long!
  • Grays Court –– Located in York, this building is over 900 years old and is home to three beautiful wedding venues. You can get married out in the open air of the walled, private gardens, the Long Gallery with its beautiful oak paneling, or the silk-covered Sterne Room, which offers impressive views of the cobblestone courtyard below. All in all, a wedding venue worth your consideration!
  • Polhawn Fort –– Located in Cornwall, this beautiful coastal wedding venue has ocean views to die for! The beach is just a short walk from the venue, but you get some of the most stunning views of the sea from atop the fort’s battlements. Best of all, the venue has a romantic, ultra-historic feel to it that you can’t help but love.
  • East Bridgford Hill –– Located in Nottingham, this is the wedding venue for those who MUST have exclusivity and class. The venue only plans a limited number of weddings each year, with only a few lucky guests getting a spot on the roster. You’ll love the spectacular views offered by the venue, not to mention its 1950’s cocktail bar feel. All in all, a wonderful place to tie the knot!

These are definitely the venues to consider if you want to find something well off the beaten path.

Image Source: www.onewed.com


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