Epic Secret Wedding Venues in the UK Part 1

Epic Secret Wedding Venues in the UK Part 1

Looking for an amazing place to get married? Check out these awesome secret wedding venues in the UK to consider:

  • House for an Art Lover — Located in Glasgow, Scotland, this wedding venue looks straight out of a Scottish romance story. It is a highly elegant venue with its classy décor and superb taste, and it’s a place you’ll want to look into for your Scottish highland wedding!
  • The Church Restaurant –– Located in Northamptonshire, this is a beautiful old church–one of the oldest in the region! It may not look like much on the outside, but once you enter, you’ll love the exquisite décor and fancy ambience. It’s perfect for history and culture buffs, and it’s wonderfully romantic.
  • The House of St. Barnabas — You’d never think to look here, but this London wedding venue is a hidden gem deep in the heart of the UK’s largest city. It has been recently restored and renovated, giving it a beautiful Georgian-era appeal that makes it a wonderfully fancy wedding venue. You’ll LOVE the ivy-covered walls of the private garden, and each room holds a tiny bit of history for you to explore.
  • Hilles House –– Located in Gloucestershire, this house looks like something you would see in a Jane Austen or Emily Bronte novel. Set on a hilltop, the mansion offers spectacular views of five different counties at once. You can have the ceremony indoors in the fancy ballroom, or get married in the great outdoors with the stunning English countryside as your backdrop.
  • A Hard Days Night Hotel –– Located in Liverpool, this unique hotel is the place for Beatles fans. The hotel was both designed for and named after the Beatles, and each room has its own unique décor and theme. Totally rockin’!

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Image Source: ohdarlingdays.co.za


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