Epic Adventure Destinations in the US Part 1

Epic Adventure Destinations in the US Part 1

If you want a thrill, here are some of the best adventure destinations in the US for you to consider for your next citybreak:

  • Taos, New Mexico — Few people think of New Mexico as being a vacation hotspot, but wait until you see the gorgeous red mountain peaks surrounding the city of Taos. Wheeler Peak provides rock climbers with a formidable challenge, and those who love water sports will have a hard time on the Rio Grande near Taos. Definitely worth a visit for your next winter vacation!
  • Upper Peninsula, Michigan –-With more than 1,700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, this area of Michigan is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the country. You can enjoy water sports on both Lake Huron and Lake Superior, hike through the gorgeous forests, climb the mountains, and search for hidden waterfalls. The tiny islands off the coast of the Upper Peninsula make for a wonderful isolated retreat, and you’ll love the wildlife of Isle Royal National Park. Best of all, you can hunt for shipwrecks in Lake Superior, the perfect child-friendly adventure weekend!
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado –– When most people think “canyon”, their minds immediately turn to the Grand Canyon. But those who have visited the Grand Canyon should consider Black Canyon in Colorado’s Gunnison National Park. It is 2,000 feet deep, but it gets a fraction of the tourists that flock to the Grand Canyon. It’s home to more adventure activities than you could imagine, including canyoneering, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and hiking. The national park is a beautiful wild place that will be the perfect destination for any adventure traveler!

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Image Source: www.pioneerstudios.org
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