Up and Coming US Destinations Part 2

Up and Coming US Destinations Part 2

Check out these awesome up and coming US destinations–the ideal places to visit if you want to get out of town without spending a fortune:

  • Pompano Beach, Florida — While this little town offers the same spectacular beaches that you’d find in Boca Raton and Miami Beach, it’s far quieter and cheaper than the more popular destinations. Golfers flock to the area to enjoy the many golf greens available, and anyone who wants to soak up the sun in quiet seclusion will love this beach town.
  • Avalon, California — This little West Coast town lives up to its name, serving as a paradise retreat for anyone who wants to enjoy some outdoor recreation. Located on Catalina Island, the city boasts world-class museums, restaurant, casinos, theaters, and shopping centers, making it the perfect escape for families, singles, and couples.
  • Traverse City, Michigan — Situated on the Great Lakes, this Michigan town is considered a playground for all people of all ages for all seasons. The beautiful shoreline makes for epic camping, hiking, and sunbathing during the summer, and there are all sorts of water and snow sports available throughout the year.
  • Waikoloa, Hawaii — Most people think of Hawaii as being one of the most expensive destinations in the US, but Waikoloa is the place to go when traveling on a budget. Located on the island of Hawaii, this little area is situated on the South Kohala coast. Not only does it offer full-service resorts (full price as well), but you can find tiny rentals and B&Bs to stay at all around the area. Visitors to the island MUST stop in at the Anchialine fish ponds, or take a walk around town and see the amazing traditional Hawaiian architecture.

These places aren’t as expensive as the more popular destinations, but they still offer PLENTY to see and do!


Image Source: www.travel247.ie


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