The Best Nightclubs in London Part 2

The Best Nightclubs in London Part 2

Want to party the night away? If you’re in London, you’d do well to check out the following nightclubs:

  • The Loft — This is a friendly club, perfect for those who are in the know about the rave/party scene. It’s a smaller loft space located above the old Shoreditch rail station, and bands like Electric Minds and Optimo have turned this club into one of the best clubs to spend a night dancing.
  • The Star of Kings — Located in a basement rather than a loft, this nightclub in Kings Cross fits just 150 people. The crowds are unpretentious music lovers who want nothing more than to dance, and you’ll find everyone mingling in the club for a night of pleasure and fun.
  • Paramount Bar — Take your clubbing to a much more elegant level in this skyscraper club. Located on the 31st floor of Centre Point, this club features glass windows that give you a peerless view of the city below. It’s supremely expensive, but if you can afford to get in, it’s worth it!
  • The Drop — The Hardway Bros call this club home, making it one of the top spaces in the area (Stoke Newington). It’s beneath the Three Crowns Pub, and the intimate venue will have you rubbing elbows with some of the friendliest locals you can find.
  • Fabric — For over 11 years, Fabric has been considered one of London’s top clubs, with some of the most cutting-edge EDM music emerging from its halls. The crowd comes from all walks of life, but with one shared goal: to enjoy their party to the max. It opens on Saturday night, but doesn’t close until 6 AM in the morning–on Monday!

Get your party on at these awesome nightclubs!

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