The Best Nightclubs in London Part 1

The Best Nightclubs in London Part 1

Want to know where to enjoy some of the best night activity in London? Here are a few of the best nightclubs to visit:

  • Great Suffolk Street Warehouse — Looking for a place to rave the night away? This is one of the best rave spaces in the city, with plenty of the pop-up feel that makes it a party to remember. It has hosted some of the best local and national artists, and you’ll find that it’s an amazing place to spend the night raving.
  • Cable — Just beneath the London Bridge Station, there is a train arch that is home to Cable, a small, two-room club with a wonderful warehouse vibes and working toilets. It’s definitely only for those intent on serious clubbing, and you’ll love their after-hours club: Jaded.
  • Corsica Studios — Looking for a touch of creativity to inspire your dance? Corsica Studios is one of the most unique spaces in the city, with a party vision that transcends the classic EDM genre. It’s definitely considered one of the top nightclubs in London, with every type of music from techno to dubstep to electronica being played here. There’s even the occasional disco night!
  • Dalston Superstore — For those looking for a gay-friendly nightclub, it doesn’t get better than Dalston. It’s laid out in an open, Berlin-style décor, with an upstairs bar freeing up ALL the downstairs space for hardcore dancing. It’s very hip, and a secret that only locals are wise to.
  • Plastic People — If you want an adventure in London, you can’t miss out on this club. It is home to some of the best funky and bass music in the city, and you’ll be overpowered by the heavy-duty sound system blaring music every night.

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