The Best Cities in Europe to Party

The Best Cities in Europe to Party

If you’re a party animal, chances are you’ve exhausted all the clubs in your city. Why not travel to one of these other European cities to party in style?

Antwerp, Belgium — This city has an amazing nightlife, particularly for those of the LGBT persuasion. It’s even more open for partygoers than Amsterdam, making it one of the most popular club destinations on the continent.

Amsterdam, Netherlands — Don’t get sucked into the myriad coffee shops in the city and you’ll find yourself in one of the myriad clubs and discos. Amsterdam has a WILD club scene, with musical events for everyone!

Stockholm, Sweden —Sweden is famous for its house music, and nowhere else can you find raves and dance parties that last until the wee hours of the morning. Bonus: Swedes are notoriously beautiful.

Berlin, Germany —For all things techno, you can’t beat Berlin. The capital of Germany serves beer on the cheap, parties that last for days, and has some of the hottest clubs IN THE WORLD! With hundreds of open-air parties and raves every year, it’s the place to be.

Warsaw, Poland —  Warsaw is the cheaper version of Stockholm, but the music and parties are no less awesome. You’ll never outdrink the locals, but you can drink all you want for VERY little–between 0.50 and 1 euro per shot! It’s considered the best gay-friendly city in Poland.

Budapest, Hungary — Known for its legendary pool parties, Budapest is the city to be in between July and September.

Prague, Czech Republic — The DJs playing live in Prague are top-notch, and the 100+ types of beer flow in abundance at the raves and parties. You can even party in the Old Town, with a spectacular view of the Vitava River.

Madrid, Spain -­– Most people think of Ibiza or Barcelona when they think of partying in Spain, but party experts admit the Madrid nightlife is MUCH better. Bar-hopping is supremely common, and the party won’t stop all night long.


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