The Best Airport Bars in the World Part 2

The Best Airport Bars in the World Part 2

Want to grab a drink between flights? Here are some of the best airport bars in the world to check out:

Airspresso Café and Bar — Located in Queenstown, you’ll find that this is the place to go for spectacular views of the breathtaking New Zealand countryside. The New Zealand Pinot Noir is the drink to try, and you’ll find an impressive array of local wines and beers available at a decent price.

Timberline Steaks and Grill — This Denver, Colorado restaurant is an ideal place for those who want to try something a bit more adventurous. The cocktails are great, the ambience is laid back, and the food is unique–like Rocky Mountain oysters, also known as fried bull testicles!

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge — You can’t visit Nashville, Tennessee without a stop off at this famous airport bar/lounge. Here, you’ll find live musical performances, idiosyncratic décor and ambience, and some of the best Tennessee whiskey around.

Tortas Fronteras — This may sound like an unusual place to grab a drink, but wait until you try the amazing Mexican food! You’ll soon see why there’s always a line. You’ll definitely want to get a shot of mescal (neat, of course) with your torta (a must-try), or sip on a classic Mexican margarita–the drink that will turn your airport stop-off into a party!

Center Bar — Located in Zurich, this Swiss bar is as minimalistic and sleek as it gets. The bar runs down a long island, making it easy for you to get a drink without having to wait in line or hunch over a bar stool. It’s right in the heart of the airport for your convenience, and you get a spectacular view of all the planes taking off and landing.

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