10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World, Part 1

10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World, Part 1

Looking for a luxury vacation? Instead of backpacking around the world, why not look for a place to stay in style? Check out the list below to see hotels that cost an arm and a leg, but which offer peerless elegance and opulence.

10. Connaught Hotel — The Apartment, a luxury penthouse suite in this London hotel, costs $23,500 per night. Designed by late Irish architect David Collins, the room is filled with limited edition books, elegant furniture, and antiques worth a fortune.

9. Hotel Cala di Volpe — Porto Cervo, Italy is home to this hotel, where The Presidential Suite can be rented out for a solid $26,000 per night. With three bedrooms, a huge private swimming pool, a gym, and a solarium, it’s luxury incarnate. The hotel offers a peerless view of the Italian coastline, visible from the suite’s terrace.

8. Shangri-La Bosphorus — Located in Istanbul, Turkey, a night in the Shangri-La Suite will cost $26,385, but offers a heated marble floor, three terraces, and a peerless view over the Bosphorus Strait. There’s even a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror.

7. Mandarin Oriental in Pudong — This Shanghai, China hotel rents out the Presidential Suite at a stunning $26,450 per night. The room comes with a wine cellar, kitchen, and dining room, plus private roof gardens. Plus, the bathtub provided to guests is HUGE!

6. Hotel Plaza Athenee — The Royal Suite at this Parisian hotel costs $27,000 per night, but comes complete with four bedrooms, three living rooms, a hot tub, steam room, and even a private kitchen. With everything you need, it’s a luxury vacation in your hotel room!

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